Lunch Time Peels

Lunch Time Chemical Peel Costa Mesa

Have lighter, brighter, firmer skin with gentle, non-toxic light to medium range chemical peel.

Easily done in as little time as your lunch break, our lunch time peels are a quick and easy way to pamper yourself.

AHA’s work on the skin in this way; They break the chemical bond of the glue (Desmasomes) that hold the dead skin layer (the stratum corneum together. They speed up the natural exfoliation process and enable the new, healthier cells to come to the surface. By removing the dull and damaged surface layers, the result is a healthier and more youthful appearance. The patient may or may not experience actual peeling as each individual patient is different.

A good result may still be achieved, even without the presence of visible exfoliation.

AHA & Jessner Peels:
These peels will address problems of hyper-pigmentation resulting from sun damage or hormonal changes. It will also help to soften the depth of surface lines especially effective around the eyes and nasolabial fold.

The drying action of these peels makes it very effective in the treatment of acne!

These treatments give the complexion a glowing appearance with a smoother texture and even skin tone.

TCA/Lactic Acid: These peels give the skin great hydration with little or no stinging sensation. There are three different levels of TCA Peels available.

Your skin care therapist will choose a chemical peel that benefits your skin type the most.

Single Treatment $175-$250

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