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Welcome to Skin By Shila Day Spa in Costa Mesa, where the search for best skin care and body treatments ends and the process of rejuvenation and relaxation begins.

Shila is a clinical esthetician since 2002 providing customized skin treatments based on every individual skin needs. At Skin By Shila providing great customer service, friendly environment and result oriented treatments is our main goal.

Pamper yourself to relaxation and beauty at Skin By Shila Day Spa.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Happy clients are our priority!

    I love this place!


    Skin by Shila is the most amazing aesthetic salon known to man! Shila has helped me with anti aging, rejuvenating and basically just making my skin where I am proud to enjoy life without makeup. I am beyond grateful for her professionalism and patients with all my requests. She is not only a phenomenal aesthetician but now my genuine friend after all these years of her service. Thank you Shila for all you do for all of us.

    Theresa F.

    I just had a facial with Shila and it was the best I've ever had ! I had an hydra and oxygen facial and my skin looks and feels so great. There's less redness and my skin is more supple. I booked my next appt before I left. Highly recommend!

    Maggie F.

    I can't say enough positive things about Shila and the skin care work she does! I came to Shila 8 months ago for both face and back acne. After seeing numerous dermatologists and other skin care specialists with no noticeable results (I was on Accutane and multiple different topical's), Shila educated me on what my skin really needed. I immediately stopped taking Accutane, and began to see Shila. Since then, she has transformed my skin; offering many different face/back treatments, selling t

    Alice O.

    My mother has been going here to see Melissa and Shila for more than 10 years, and I just started seeing Shila for a little more than a year. These ladies are amazing!! I came in worrying about my hormonal cystic acne and Shila recommended new products to use and put me on a new skin care regimen. I have very sensitive skin and my face is allergic to sunscreen, so her PCA products helped me get rid of my cystic acne and now I only have those little occasional whiteheads that can be gone in a day

    Alysia S.

    Shila is a miracle worker. Her approach is based on science and her years of quality experience, not fads or quick-fix trends. This woman knows what she's doing! I've had sensitive, acne-prone skin since a teenager and the dermatologists I've seen have done nothing to help. I noticed a difference after just one session with Shila - she's amazing! The products and techniques she uses are of the highest quality and have been vetted. In particular, Hydrafacial and PCA Skincare have changed my skin

    Callie B.

    Shila is amazingly talented. I've been seeing Sheila for over 10 years, she changed my skin and has become a good friend. I was on Accutane as a teenager and tried every product under the sun which only resulted in "okay" skin. Sheila's expertise resulted in beautiful, clear skin that I had always dreamed of but could never attain. The scars on my skin even diminished. No dermatologist I saw could achieve these results. I also admire the fact that she doesn't try to upsell you on pro

    Fancy P.

    Honestly, I've been to soooo many different places for skin & have super sensitive skin because of shaving and other sensitive related things and Skin by Shila really had the best oxygen facials and the best products and truly makes you feel like you're getting a celebrity like treatment!!! 100% recommend. I've been twice now and I'll make it a monthly routine.

    Alex A.

    Shila is amazing! Had the hydra facial and looked so much better. The products are great as well. She has great personality and really sweet. Doesn't sell stuff I don't need. I appreciate her for that.

    Lacy M.

    Shila was recommended to me by a very close friend whose face had shown drastic improvement. I've always had fairly good skin but going into my mid twenties started developing breakouts on my chin and forehead. I've tried a bunch of products and been to some medspas and cheaper facial places but finally decided I needed someone who would pay real attention to what I needed so I could develop a better daily routine. Shila seems very busy and is constantly booked but she was able to give me a cons

    Natasha R.

    I have battled with troubled skin for my entire life and have been through several estheticians, with okay results. Shila without a doubt is the only one I trust and recommend for anyone who wants to maintain your youthful glow or help that temperamental skin. She uses a variety of techniques, products, and equipment. One of my favorite being the hydro facial! It's amazing and keeps my skin glowing. I can't be more pleased with my religious facials every 5 weeks! Shila is caring, considerate, an

    Genevie C.

    Shila is absolutely incredible. I've struggled with painful acne all throughout high school and college and after college my face was at it's absolute worst. When I came to Shila a few months ago I was so frustrated and had pretty much given up on my skin. I've only been seeing her monthly for about 4 months and my skin has improved dramatically. Not only has getting peels from Shila and using the PCA acne products has helped my skin more than ANY other product or regime but Shila has made the w

    Amy J.

    Where to start?! Shila has completely transformed my skin. From her expertise to her care and compassion she is truly the best. I look forward to every 4 week appointment because she is not only become a friend of mine, her work is undeniably the best in OC. I have combination skin where I used to have oily and acne prone skin but after seeing her my skin has literally transformed. I absolutely love all the treatments she offers. I appreciate how every time I see her she looks at my skin like sh

    Brooke L.

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