Body Wrap Treatments
Skin Care by Shila in Costa Mesa offers a variety of body wrap treatments to detoxify, slim and sooth your body.

Body Buff

Our Body Buff Treatment includes an Exfoliation Body Scrub that removes dead cells from the skin’s surface and stimulates the skins metabolism to promote nutrient absorption.  Formulated with papaya extracts, providing a refreshing and invigoration sensation.


40 min  $70


Body Contour Wrap

This wrap gently and safely increases circulation, controls edema and stimulates body purification, promotes inch loss while maintaing proper hydaration.


60 min  $110

Package of 3 for $300


Infrared Body Wrap

This is a great detoxifying and immediate inch loss wrap through heat penetration of the different layers of the skin.  It’s very relaxing and helps sore muscles as well. This is a great wrap to jump start a healthy diet and exercise program due to the benefit of the increase in metabolism.


60 min   $115

Package of 6   $599